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Software für Datenlogger der USB-500/600 Serie


Einfach zu bedienende Software zur Konfiguration der Datenlogger der USB-500/600 Serie, sowie zum Download, Anzeige und Speichern der Messdaten. Temperatur, Luftfeuchte, Taupunkt, Spannung und Strom aufzeichnen und in eine .csv-Datei abspeichern für eine weitergehende Analyse z.B. mit Excel®.

Bestandteil aller Datenlogger der USB-500/600 Serie

Abtastintervall, Alarme und Start/Stopp-Zeiten setzen

Messdaten anzeigen und speichern

Datenspeicherung in Formaten wie .csv für den Import nach Microsoft® Excel®

Unterstützte Betriebssysteme: Windows® 8/7/Vista® SP2/XP SP3, 32 Bit oder 64 Bit

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Hello, I have just purchased a USB 500/600 model 504, but I have not been able to download data. According to "help", the LEDs should be on during the data acquisition, but It simply does not happen. I have already installed the battery.

  • Job Title: Engineer
  • Industry: Instrumentation
  • Application:
19 months ago
Joseph123 Mexico


When you insert the battery, the LEDs on the logger should flash briefly. If you installed the software from a CD, likely version 3.0.0 was installed, which had a bug where new loggers would not start logging. Uninstall 3.0.0, and then download 3.0.2 from our website, and install it.

19 months ago
Measurement Computing

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I need drivers for this that are compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. I have no problem using this device on my personal laptop which is Windows 7 32 bit but drivers will not install on my work machine 64 bit and I cannot update or search for driver software. Any thoughts please?

  • Job Title: Data Centre Facilities
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Application: MC USB-500 Data Logger
49 months ago
Paul1959 Leicester


Our USB-500/600 software has been compatible with 64-bit Windows for 4+ years now (beginning with rev 2.5). You should download the latest version (currently 3.0.1) from our Software Downloads page. If the software does not install properly, please note the installation error # and/or message. The software is available at:

49 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Recently purchased four USB-501 and tried to start using them. I loaded the provided CD Version 3.0 [501900B-01] software on two seperate computers (Win-7/64) using two seperate CDs and tested using two seperate USB-501 units. I ensured the device drivers were installed and followed the instructions provided. I confirm communications with the USB-501 via View Status. Change unit Name and settings all can be confirmed. I can change and view all the settings on the USB-501. The units do not start when instructed to do so. When set to immediately, setting confirmed and removed from the USB port they fail to start. They also do not start when a set start date and time (1 min in future or 30 min in future). Correct day/month and year were used. I remove them from the USB port and they do not start. Allowed to set for a full day after the start time and they still do not start. Just down loaded software from the site to try in case the CD is an old version. Running out of options. Recommendations or instructions to resolve issue would be nice.

  • Job Title: Communications Maintenance Engineer, Electrical V
  • Industry: Highway Maintenance
  • Application: Data Log Temp is desired from MC
50 months ago
MCUSB501 Bostyon, Ma


Hello - Software version 3.0.0 has the bug you have noted. It works fine with loggers used at least once with a previous version of software, but not with brand-new logger units. We did fix this bug in 3.0.1, which is available from our website’s download page. You say you have already tried it, which is rather odd that it did not work for you. You could try fully uninstalling the old before installing the new, or try installing the new on a different PC (once your logger units have successfully logged at least once, they can be used going forward with 3.0.0 if need be). Please feel free to contact us if you continue to have any problems.

50 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Using your USB-501 Pro. "Battery critically low" would not go away after replacing the battery. Has been functioning good before. How to fix?

  • Job Title: Regulatory/Quality manager
  • Industry: Medical Devices
  • Application: USB-500 Data Logger
54 months ago
JanNoupbaev Canada


Hello, sorry to hear about your problem with your logger. Short of putting in a known-good battery, there is nothing further for you to try. No repair service is offered on the USB-50x Series loggers. If the logger is < 1 year old, please contact us or your local distributor for details on our warranty.

54 months ago

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