High-Speed USB Counter/Timer-Module mit digitalen I/O


Die USB-Module der USB-CTR Serie beherrschen Counter/Timer Aufgaben bis in höchste Frequenzen und mit den Digital I/O synchronisierte Erfassungsraten bis 8 MS/s. Eine Vielzahl von Zählermodi werden unterstützt. Die OEM-Version bietet angepasste Signalanschlüsse über Steckerleisten. Ein zusätzliches Netzteil ist nicht erforderlich, USB-Anschluss genügt.

Digital I/O
Kanäle Counter/Timer Enkoder
8 bis 8 / 4
Software Power
Betriebssysteme Treiber Versorgung
Windows® und Linux® Universal Library™ SW Suite über USB

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USB-CTR04 USB-Modul für universelle Zähleraufgaben mit 4 Zählern, 4 PWM-Ausgängen und 8 digitalen I/O, max. Eingangsfrequenz von 48 MHz und 8 MS/s Erfassungsrate
365,00 € *
USB-CTR04-OEM High-Speed Counter/Timer-Karte mit 4 Zählern, 4 PWM-Ausgängen und 8 digitalen I/O
365,00 € *
USB-CTR08 USB-Modul für universelle Zähleraufgaben mit 8 Zählern, 4 PWM-Ausgängen und 8 digitalen I/O, max. Eingangsfrequenz von 48 MHz und 8 MS/s Erfassungsrate
435,00 € *
USB-CTR08-OEM High-Speed Counter/Timer-Karte mit 8 Zählern, 4 PWM-Ausgängen und 8 digitalen I/O
435,00 € *
DAQami™ V4.2.1 DAQ Data Acquisition Companion Software für Messdatenerfassung und Signalausgabe
48,00 € *
DASYLab® LITE Standardsoftware der Messtechnik. DASYLab Lite enthält die kompletten Treiber, eingeschränkt bei Analyse und Anzahl der Module, eine Layout-Seite
500,00 € *
DASYLab® BASIC enthält alle Treiber und Standard-Module (außer Signalverarbeitung und Aktion) und bietet eine Layout-Seite 1.290,00 € *
DASYLab® FULL enthält alle Treiber und Standard-Module, unterstützt 200 Layout-Seiten und Ablaufsteuerung 1.795,00 € *
DASYLab® PRO beinhaltet alle Treiber, den Funktionsumfang von DASYLab Full und zusätzlich alle Add-On-Module (ohne Module von Drittherstellern) 2.535,00 € *
DASYLab® RUNTIME ermöglicht es, vorhandene Schaltbilder auf einem weiteren PC auszuführen (eine kompatible Hardware-Konfiguration vorausgesetzt) 450,00 € *
TracerDAQ® Pro Virtuelle Instrumente out-of-the-box, mit Linienschreiber, Oszilloskop, Funktionsgenerator und Taktgenerator – Version Professional
193,00 € *
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4,5 / 5
Technischer Support
5 / 5

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Februar 06, 2019
Great Product, Documentation, Support

The product very much suited our needs for a combined pulse counting / and a timing application. The sample programs work great, and have good comments in them, making them very understandable. However, where I think MCC really shines is with their technical support staff. I had a specific problem that was addressed by their friendly and knowledgeable support staff within two days. They provided me with additional sample code and some wiring notes that were specifically applicable to the particular problem that I was trying to solve.

  • Beruf: Sr. Software Engineer
  • Branche: Manufacturing
  • Anwendung: Robot Control
  • Von: Phoenix, AZ
  • Firmengröße: 501-1000
  • Software: C++/C#/VB

  • Bedienbarkeit
  • Kosten/Nutzen
  • Technischer Support
Ja, ich empfehle dieses Produkt!

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Juni 24, 2014
This module has excellent performance and value.

For our application the USB-CTR08 can replace a VME module that costs over $3,000. We use it in 2 modes: 1) A single-shot preset scaler. For this application Counter 0 is the preset channel, and Counter 0 Output is connected to Counters 1-7 Gate Inputs. Thus when Counter 0 stops all of the other counters stop as well. 2) As a traditional multi-channel scaler (MCS). The data from each counter are collected into time bins. The channel advance to the next time bin can be done either with an internal clock or with an external channel advance connected to the CLKI input. One slight drawback of the module, and a suggestion for a future firmware upgrade is that the CLKI input does not have a "prescale" feature. We often want to divide our external channel advance input by N. For example that input might be stepper motor pulse signals, and we only want to advance the scaler on every 20'th pulse. This can be done with the existing USB-CTR08 by using one of the counter channels as the prescaler, with its Input connected to the external pulse source and it Output connected to CLKI. But this inconvenient because it costs a counter channel, and it is also not possible to use a prescale factor of 1 #i.e. no prescaling# in this configuration.

  • Beruf: Senior Scientist
  • Branche: Academic
  • Anwendung: Synchrotron beamline control
  • Von: University of Chicago
  • Firmengröße: 1001-5001
  • Software: C/C++

  • Bedienbarkeit
  • Kosten/Nutzen
  • Technischer Support
Ja, ich empfehle dieses Produkt!

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Does it work on the latest linux kernels?

  • Job Title: Software Engineer
  • Industry:
  • Application:
8 months ago


Yes. Our UL for Linux supports the latest kernel release.

8 months ago
Measurement Computing

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The datasheet states that counter inputs can concurrently monitor time periods, frequencies and pulses. Does this mean that you can concurrently perform multiple measurements on the same channel? For example, can you concurrently accumulate pulses and measure period between pulses on the same channel at the same time?

  • Job Title: Applications development
  • Industry: Oil and Gas exploration
  • Application: Real-time data acquisition
23 months ago
Dennis222 Lafayette, LA


The USB-CTR04 does support concurrent channel reads but does not support multiple modes of operation on a single channel.

23 months ago
Measurement Computing

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Most modern PCs and laptops support a high power mode (1.5 amp) on one or more of their USB ports. Can the CTR04's firmware be modified to recognize that it is connected to a high power charging port so that more current is available for the VO pin? I wan

  • Job Title: Automation Engineer
  • Industry: Automobile
  • Application: Quality control measurement
60 months ago
OldSparky South Carolina, USA


Hello - Additional circuitry changes would be required, beyond a firmware change. MCC does not have any current plans to make such changes.

60 months ago

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I am interested in counting voltage pulses of 2-2.2V (20 nS) from a optical photon counting device. Can I count the pulse rate (pulses/Sec) and export the data to excel or suitable software?

  • Job Title:
  • Industry:
  • Application:
63 months ago


Hello Sudhee, thank you for your inquiry. Full support for the USB-CTR04/08 can be obtained through our Universal Library for Windows. However, there are some limitations when using TracerDAQ, DASYLab, or LabVIEW. However, it does appear that all but TracerDAQ will support “Pulse Counting” at this time. Please refer to our knowledge base article for the USB-CTR Series for detailed information on supported features of the USB-CTR04/08. Full support is planned for the near future.

63 months ago

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Is USB-CTR04 a replacement of your old USB-4301? Does it provide the same functionality? Is a detail mechanical drawing available to provide detail dimension information? Thanks.

  • Job Title: President
  • Industry: Machine Vision
  • Application: Factory Automation
64 months ago
DJLee Utah


Hello DJLee - Thank you for your inquiry. The new USB-CTR04 and USB-CTR08 are not drop-in replacements for our USB-4300 Series. You can review the Data sheet and User’s manual for the new counter devices at: . There is also a mechanical drawing posted at: Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

64 months ago

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Mitgelieferte Software

  • TracerDAQ® - Erfassung, Anzeige und Speicherung von Messdaten, sowie Signalgenerierung
  • InstaCalTM - Tool für Installation, Konfiguration und Test der Messgeräte
  • Universal Library - Enthält die Unterstützung für Visual Studio® und Visual Studio®.NET, sowie Beispiele für Visual C++®, Visual C#® und Visual Basic®.NET
  • ULx for NI LabVIEWTM - Sammlung von VIs und Beispielprogrammen für eine schnelle Anwendungsentwicklung mit NI LabVIEW
  • Linux® - Open Source Unterstützung für MCC-Messgeräte
  • Python™ Unterstützung für die MCC DAQ Messgeräte

Kostenpflichtige Softwareoptionen

  • DAQamiTM - Einfach zu bedienende Software zur Messdatenerfassung und Signalausgabe
  • DASYLab®2016 - interaktiv PC-basierte Messtechnik-Applikationen entwerfen ohne Programmierkenntnisse einfach durch Verbinden von Funktionsblöcken
  • TracerDAQ®Pro - Out-of-the-box Sammlung von Virtuellen Instrumenten mit Linienschreiber, Oszilloskop, Funktionsgenerator und Taktgenerator – Professional Version




Quick Start Anleitung

DAQami™ V4.2.1
ULx for NI LabVIEW™
QS ULx for NI LabVIEW.pdf



MCC Videothek


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