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Included Out-of-the-Box Software for WaveBook/516E and StrainBook/616

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Key Highlights

Set up all analog or digital input parameters

Acquire and save data to disk

View the acquisition in real-time

Send data to other Windows® applications, such as spreadsheets and databases

Launch an independent post-data acquisition application to review file data recorded by WaveView

Supported Windows® Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2,
32-bit or 64-bit

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WaveView Included Out-of-the-Box graphical data acquisition and display software for WaveBook/516E and StrainBook/616

Product Reviews

Product Q & A

how can I download waveview for Win7 64

38 months ago

dsve halifax

At the link below is the WaveView version that is compatible with Win7-64. However, note that the use of WaveView with ViewXL is not supported by 64-bit operating systems or by Windows 7. Link: ftp://ftp.mccdaq.com/downloads/iotech_software/WaveBook_%26_StrainBook/

38 months ago


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WaveView is a Windows®-based setup and acquisition application that allows you to configure, display, and save data to disk within minutes of taking the WaveBook/516E or StrainBook/616 Out-of-the-Box. WaveView provides a point-and-click interface that simplifies operation by allowing setup of all hardware, including the field-installable WBK options, without programming or connecting icons.

Unlike the mere example programs that many suppliers provide with data acquisition hardware, WaveView is a full-featured acquisition and display engine that provides all the functionality needed for many data-logging and display applications. For more frequency-domain analysis applications, use DASYLab®.

WaveView’s intuitive approach to hardware control simplifies system setup by automatically querying the WaveBook/516E or StrainBook/616 upon connection to your PC. As WBK options are added for signal conditioning or increased system channel count, WaveView’s channel configuration spreadsheet automatically expands to accommodate the additional channels. Specific channel characteristics, such as gain, unipolar/bipolar, and channel labels, are automatically updated, and any additional functionality (such as low-pass filtering, filter cutoff, or excitation output), also automatically appear in the channel-configuration spreadsheet. WaveView is also designed for easy operation with display and analysis packages. WaveView provides data in formats compatible with a variety of sophisticated display and analysis packages.